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Le coin des enfants

For children and their families, fun active holidays full of colour and things to do.

Fascinating food


• Guided tour of the Kerry Aptunion candied fruit production facility

Put your taste buds to work and taste the different candied fruits – taste the difference between orange and tangerines, distinguish pear and apricot, peach, cherry and other fruits.

Visit the biggest candied fruit plant in the world, and learn a lot about how candied fruit is made. Enjoy tasting!

Free guided tour.

» Kerry Aptunion

Curious about history and nature

 • Fun at the museum


In the footsteps of the Romans and the Gallo-Romans, you can make your own little oil lamps, mosaics, pottery, and writing tables ...

1 ½ hours, for children 6 and over.

» Museum of Apt

• Night observations at the SIRENE Observatory

The sky is the limit in Lagarde d'Apt. Here you can observe the stars, the moon (at night) and the sun (during the day) using the powerful telescopes.

2 hours – book ahead - Free under 8, ½ price for 8 to 15 year olds.


• The Okhrâ workshops

Do you know how to make and mix colours, how to make green, and orange? do you know how to make watercolours? How to make paint with water, with egg, with blood? How to use pigments on paper, on fabric, on wood? How about making sticks of pastels? The Okhrâ workshop activities teach all that and more! Come along!

» Conservatoire des ocres and de la couleur

• The Geology Museum

Discover how the earth was formed, learn the geology of Provence and see fossils from the Luberon at the Geology Museum. Free of charge.

» for more information on the Maison du parc du Luberon

• The Bruoux Mines

Come explore the Bruoux mines and learn the history of the miners who dug out the long steep galleries, using just an axe and their miners' lights, searching for the ochre lodes. » for more information on les Mines de Bruoux

Proud explorers


• A hike in the Provencal Colorado

A day in the beautiful ochre sands in the Provencal Colorado: right here in Rustrel! Streak your cheeks with red and yellow during a one-hour hike with the whole family. White tennis shoes will no longer be white!

» Colorado provençal

• Colorado aventures

After fun with the ochre sands in the Provencal Colorado, try your hand at being as acrobatic as Tarzan, swinging from branch to branch and grasping the bridges and ziplines on zipline itineraries for all different ages. Fun for parents too!

» Colorado aventures

• Cycling routes along the Calavon river

Cycle or roller-skate on the "greenways". Totally safe, away from all traffic – skate or cycle all the way to the Pont Julien bridge, built by the Romans and still in beautiful condition.

» for more information on la véloroute du Calavon

Young artists

• Classes in Ska barré

As of 3 years old – lots of fun learning about the circus arts and trying your skills at juggling and acrobatics!

» Ska barré