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The Luberon area of Provence is a richly abundant area full of fragrances, flavours and outstanding savoir-faire. There are many excellent products best enjoyed simply. From the Luberon come many different wines, lavender, olives, cheeses, herbs, truffles, cherries, breads, … found on the markets, on farms and in shops. Arts and crafts are also very widespread, and many artists live in the Luberon.

Candied fruits more

Apt, the world capital of candied fruit

Olive oil more

Virgin olive oil is a pure fruit juice. Harvesting takes place in November and December.

Lavender and lavandin more

The Apt plain is covered with carpets of "real" lavender and lavandin, or hybrid lavender.

Pottery more

The Apt district is a land of ochre and clay. You can find here the addresses of the potters who turn raw material into genuine and colourful art.

Wines and wine tourism more

Explore a fortunate region enjoying remarkable landscapes and terroir along with the Luberon-Land of Apt great wines.

La ferme aux basilics more

Catherine Pisani is passionate about basil, and has built her farm around a single plant.

Miller's wheat from Apt, bread from the Luberon more

Miller's wheat from Apt is an ancient variety of wheat which was found in 1985 by a Luberon regional nature park technical agent at a retired farmer's in Buoux.

Truffle more

The « tuber melanosporum », "truffle from Périgord" is in fact « la rabasse » from Provence. The Luberon , France's most important truffle region, stands for 20% of the country's production and the Vaucluse for 80%.

Maison Octave more

One of the "Best french jam manufacturer" (Meilleur ouvrier de France) is located in the Luberon, another prestigious award for the Apt district, already famous for candied fruits.

Le potager d'un curieux more

Le potager d'un curieux in Saignon, is a large eco-friendly garden, where for over 20 years, Jean Luc Daneyrolles has grown a few hundreds rare and ancient plants .